Organizational Transition into Innovative Organization

  • Chanthana Udom Pranakhon Rajabhat University
  • Nongnooch Paiboonrattananon Pranakhon Rajabhat University
  • Phairoj Butchiwan Pranakhon Rajabhat University
  • Harin Sachdev Mahidol University
  • Phrakrukanchanakitsophon Chompol Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University
Keywords: Factors Driving, Innovational Organization, Learning Organization


 It is necessary to apply processing factors for the effective driving in organization and human resource development. They consist of internal; customers’ needs, competitors, changeable technology with development and external factors; person, group and organization. These two factors are overview of human resource management when these factors are integrated as driving factors by applying human resource development with innovative creativity for driving force to successful and complete innovative organization.


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