Construction of Dhammanamai Principles in Treatment of Thai Traditional Medicine of Prongmadaue Community, Muang District, Nakhonpathom Province

  • Prasert Mogkaew


The objective of the research is 1) to study the methods of care for patients according to the Buddhist guidelines. 2) To study how to care for patients according to the principles of Thai traditional medicine. 3) To create the principle of healing in the treatment of Thai traditional medicine to apply to help treat the disease of patients and the current society. This study is a qualitative research. With analysis by using data collection methods from the Tripitaka Research papers and in-depth interviews.

The research found that 1) there are two types of illness or disease: physical disease and mental illness. Physical diseases include Diseases that occur with organs in various parts of the body, such as stomach disease, tooth disease, flu, this physical disease is caused by seasonal changes and elemental imbalances. Awa is greed, anger and delusion and illness in the body can cause mental distress in Buddhism. The illness of two approaches together. Is to take care of herbal medicine and care with Dharma Osot. 2) Traditional Thai medicine, illness caused by soil, water, wind, fire in the body, lack of balance Take care of herbal medicine, massage, baking, compress, no food slang. 3) Apply the principles to help treat the symptoms of Thai traditional medicine. By enhancing the psychological treatment, such as praying, meditation, Dharma, ie Chittanamai, physical therapy, such as posture, being the main food being corrected, is Kayanamai. According to life clock is the air, good environment, and good profession, is Chavitananamai, and then is the principle of medicine in the treatment of diseases to normal state of happiness.


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