Homosexuality: An Analysis Based on Buddhist Ethics Guidelines

  • Phra Kusol Subhanetto Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University
  • Pramaha Weeratis Varinto Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University
Keywords: homosexuality


Homosexuality refers to homosexuality and homosexuality. A man or a woman with homosexuality is right or wrong. It depends on the context of each society. Really Sex on the human body may be "female" and "male", but "sexual orientation" is a matter. The "mind" is not the "body", so the feeling of "love heterosexual" "homosexual" or "love all the sex" is a matter of psychology. But they will dare "reveal" the true identity or "concealed" it. It depends on the reason for living in accordance with the context of the society. In some societies, homosexuals are recognized as in ancient Greece. The "male love or gay army" was created from the idea that. Soldiers who are homosexual I will fight bravely. To show courage and love to their lovers. By protecting their partners from the enemy on the battlefield. If you consider the religious ethics "Sex "in the Christian and Islamic sections. Has stated that homosexuality is a sin. But in Buddhism is not mentioned so. Determining whether homosexuality is a sin or not. It is not the same as that of the Buddha. Strict interpretation Make homosexuals acceptable or deny them. Based on a social basis. History and religious taboos. The difference in each of them.

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