Management of Proactive Learning to Improve the Quality of Early Childhood Education for 21st Century

  • Sonthaya Sengsong Rajapark Institute


Main purpose of this research is to study the strategy of building up the management system and evaluate the strategy of management in Private Education Institution of Early Childhood Education. This qualitative research was support by open-end question questionnaire. There is the implement of rules checking by the 3 experts including Board of Institution, Lecturer and Bangkok Metropolitan Basic Education Commission. The research is specifically focusing on 19 private schools and using 50 people to analyze and descript. The result of this research shows that The Management of Proactive learning for developing quality of Early Childhood Education of 21st century must implement the vision, short term target, long term target and must create the strategy of Education Management in order to consistent with target of Education in 21st century. Everybody require to study from Early Education to Higher Education and to the rest of the life is 3r x 7c3r by using evaluation of internal and external quality from Office of the Higher Education Commission and aim to standard or expect quality that must affect to student by using Ordinary Flag.


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