The Buddhist Innovation for the Wholistic Well-being Care

  • Amarjiva Lochan University of Delhi, Delhi, India


Manaskara, the Most Venerable Monks, and the honored delegates.

I am so glad to Mahachulalonkornrajavidyalaya, Chiang Mai, for giving me this opportunity to talk on this topic which is very unique in many ways, as you have seen. Because I find them very challenging to study and to make a future comment for research in this area.

This is, right now, the age of Artificial Intelligence  or A.I. and I shall call it as “the A.I.age”. The A.I. is dominating our lives, that was  any scientific technology never  before effective on our lives. In the previous speaker’s slide, I saw one line that he was speaking about Stephen Hawking, on which he mentioned that “the happening of A.I. is either the best or the worse for the future of mankind”.  I think that Stephen Hawking was partially right about the danger of A.I. especially in the cultural-religious social behavior of humanity.

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